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Honour Your Body & Connect To Your Baby
Saturday 4th January, 2pm - 4pm at Heartcore, Ossington Street

This workshop is for women at any stage of pregnancy. Being pregnant herself Jess wanted to host a workshop that celebrated women’s bodies and connect them to their babies.

The workshop will begin with an uplifting and grounding meditation followed by a energising and calming flow that will lengthen the spine and create space in the body. Jess aims to help you feel positive and empowered in your body, and more connected to the magic of it all. It’s such a special and beautiful time that deserves to be honoured and celebrated and there’s no better way then coming together and honouring each other. It’s a lovely opportunity for mums to connect and share the space with one another.

The workshop is open to everyone even those with little or no yoga experience.

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