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Arm balances can be immensely empowering postures that teach us not only about our inner strength, but also about our innate playfulness. However we can often over-rely on force when working on these poses, rather than understanding the mechanics and leverage of arm balancing. Having a better understanding of this will help you practice them with integrity and without injury.

Jess will begin this workshop with a vigorous and invigorating vinyasa class to strengthen, open and preparing the core, shoulders, and center energy line (balance) for a fun arm balance exploration in the second half of the workshop. It is here where she will break things down in more detail, providing you with the essentials to have you soaring into postures such as crow, forearm balance and flying pigeon.

Bookings before 7 March £20.00 (Limited early bird spaces available)
Bookings on or after 7 March £25.00          

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Later Event: October 13