infinite scroll




Have you ever found yourself sitting down with your phone and your thumb automatically hovers over Facebook? If so, maybe a digital detox is the right thing for you?

We are more reliant on our phones than ever! It’s understandable why people are glued to their screens when there are so many temptations and distractions on our phone.

Recently I did a digital detox. A detox from all social media and from mindless scrolling on google. It was the best mental break and relaxation for the mind. Suddenly you find yourself with all this extra time. Time to do all the things that never seem to get done, something creative, or something for yourself. It’s surprising how easy it is to kick the habit of checking your phone each time it buzzes and it’s a breath of fresh air to realise that you don’t need to be on call and responding to every like and comment. 

“There's an assumption that people use Facebook because it somehow enhances their lives, but research suggests the opposite. Studies show Facebook use is associated with lower life satisfaction.” Chicago tribute 

It’s important to be aware of when you’re using social media. If you can begin to use social media purposefully rather than habitually, you become more aware of when social activity is harming your emotional well-being. 

"It's like sugar. It's brain sugar and I think if people tried to quit cold turkey they would see that it's an addiction.” quote by Motherboard 

It’s our choice whether we feed our brains with goodness. Sitting in front of a screen all day does not feel good. Mindless scrolling and comparing yourself to people does not leave us feeling uplifted and stands in the way of our productivity. 


  • Be more conscious when using social media. Before using it pause and take a moment and ask yourself whether it’s for a purpose. 
  • Each time you catch yourself going for a scroll try and stop yourself. Take a moment to yourself and do nothing. The habit will begin to subside. 
  • When you go on holiday give yourself a week off the phone or at least all apps. Maybe restrict yourself to checking the phone once or twice a day. 
  • Write a productive to do list and choose to do something on the list rather than scroll. 

Infinite scrolling is the ultimate memory musher. My attention span, creativity and memory is definitely effected by mindless scrolling. When I have a break I start be more alert and creative in the things I do and care less about irrelevant things.