||Day By Day ||

We’re all going at 100 miles an hour…. It’s easy to get swept up in the ‘rat race’ and allow ourselves to become stressed and feel overwhelmed about things that we are totally capable of managing. When our to do list is ever growing and things are expected of us that seem impossible it’s easy for us to allow our minds to spiral out of control and our bodies to stiffen. 


Someone once told me that when we have these moments that completely over take us and we feel absolutely helpless, think of the universe and think how small we are and insignificant this moment is in history. When you begin to think of how vast the world is and vast history is you begin to realize that actually this moment in time will pass and it is not the be all and end all.


I love change because I feel that a lot of positive can come out of it but change can be hard and you may face challenges. When I’ve experienced change whether that’s a new job, career path, moving house etc, it’s usually pretty overwhelming. When I feel moments of stress I live by the philosophy of taking each day and each moment as it comes. Projecting our stresses into the future, predicting things that haven’t happened and mostly won’t is very unproductive. Additionally re-living past experiences when situations were most likely different is also counterintuitive. When you’re to do list is 3 A4 sides long all we can do is take each moment as it comes and work on the task at hand. By prioritising your time and working as efficiently as you can at that moment you will tick things off your list in a well-ordered and productive manner.


Make the commitment to yourself to not allow your mind to go on a tangent and let yourself feel helpless and potentially sorry for yourself. It takes a lot of will power to stand back from your situation and to focus your attention on the task at hand but if you can restrain from projecting your feelings into the future you’ll find that you’ll be able to master the things in the present, no problem.


Steps to dealing with a racing mind:

1.     Acknowledge when you’re in a moment of flux and the mind is racing

2.     Go somewhere quiet close the eyes, relax the muscles around the eyes, relax the tongue and jaw and begin to take some deep breaths

3.     Focus on your breath coming in and out of your nose. Visualise the breath filling up the lungs from the bottom of the lung to the top on the inhale and emptying from the top on the exhale

4.     Do this for a couple of minutes

5.     Go back to your tasks and write a detailed list prioritising your time

6.     Work solely at the task at hand until completed