Here are some of my daily rituals that keep me on track and help me find a sense of inner peace. If I have a hectic weekend or a manic week with work and I find my head is in a bit of fluster I come back to my rituals and check in with myself - they help me see more clearly when my judgement is clouded by my thoughts. 

1.     DAILY INTENTION – We're often telling ourselves what we are not and what we can't do or achieve. Choose what you want to be each day! Whether that's strong, courageous, kind, flexible, understanding, patient... Only when we start telling ourselves we are these things do we start to feel and act that way. The brain is a muscle we can train but it takes time and dedication for patterns to shift. In my daily yoga practice I choose a positive word each day and when my mind goes on a tangent I bring myself back to my word for that day.

2.     MEDITATION/MINDFULNESS: Sitting for 10 minutes a day really does calm the mind and help us see more clearly. However, if meditation isn't for you there are other ways other than sitting still that we can practice to focus the mind. You can find stillness in the mind by being mindful when you eat, walk, brush your teeth, shower, or use colouring in meditation books, which help to ground your thoughts to the very moment. We can then begin to use this skill of grounding the mind when we feel anxious, stressed or negative. As soon as these thoughts arise practice tuning into the body and be as present as you can be. Often we realise that our mind has gone on a tangent and by drawing it back in we can deal with the issue at hand with more clarity. 

3.     TIME OUT: Try and find time to yourself to relax even if it's for a few minutes. In the winter I love to take a bubble bath, light scented candles and chill, maybe watch an episode of my favourite programme. In the summer I tend to sit on the balcony and have a glass of wine or go for a stroll in the park. Treat yourself to time that is not rushed. Time that you consciously choose to unwind. It's so tempting to jam pack our lives but try and slow down, and treat yourself to some chill time that's not necessarily hungover time. 

4.    POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Feed yourself daily with goodness. Positive affirmation cards are a great way to start the day on a good foot. Pick one each day, read it in the morning and carry it around with you. Whenever you feel a wobble or need something uplifting or some encouraging words, read your card. It’s so simple but such an uplifting way to start the day. 

5.      LETTING OFF STEAM:  If we feel angry or frustrated and our head is spinning having something to turn to that's physical that will help clear your mind is super helpful. For me exercise always makes me feel better. Whether that's playing sport, jumping on a bike and cycling round the park, going for a run or sweating it out in yoga - flushing it out and moving your body will always make you feel a millions times better. But if you feel absolutely exhausted don't force yourself! 

I hope the above helps at times when the mind begins to spiral, and I completely understand that it can feel impossible at times to slow down the thoughts and calm the mind. But if you keep working at it it will become easier!