Jess is such an inspiration for me. She brings an incredibly positive energy and calmness into every lesson. I love the way she combines physical body movements with spiritual thinking. Her lessons are my sanctuary of the week and I always leave with a smile on my face.

The yoga retreat in Portugal truly changed my way of thinking. In these four days Jess opened my eyes on how different life can be if you reconnect with yourself through stillness and meditation. Every lesson - physical practise, meditation and restorative yoga - was so well prepared and thought through. She introduced us to the philosophy of yoga and I left with a pile of books to read :-). Thank you Jess for making this such a wonderful few days!
— Anna, Portugal Retreat
Jessica’s style of teaching is personally one of my favourites. She really gets you flowing, in a smooth but dynamic way. The transitions are harmonious and the poses always compliment each other. Jess ensures you have the correct alignment during class, carefully adjusting you where needed.

The yoga retreat wasn’t all about physical practice, there were daily meditation and breathing exercises. We were also given some insightful information on the philosophy of yoga and ways to be more mindful in daily life. With scrummy fresh food, walks in the hills and skinny dipping in the waterfalls optional (I opted out) it was a well rounded, lovely weekend away.

Highly recommended - I would love to do another one!
— Michelle, Lake District Retreat
Jess’s retreats, allow us an opportunity to take a step away from our realities and comfortably re-connect with nature, the people around us and ourselves. A reconnection that will stick and that we can take back to our lives with us. Four days away in the Lake District retreat opened a doorway for me into mindfulness, something that has changed the way I view myself and the world around me and helped me through some tough times. Jess opened that doorway for me and put all within my grasp and for that i will be forever thankful. So cheers, Jess!
— Jamie, Lake District Retreat
The retreat had quite a profound affect on me. I didn’t anticipated such a beautiful location, comfortable hotel and wonderful food. The yoga and meditation was so so good. Jess is one of a couple of the best teachers I have experienced! I feel my practise improved but the big thing for me was the meditation, bringing the Yamas into practise and making more space for Yin. Jess created a space which was so open, relaxing and encouraging that it seemed we all were able to get in to the meditation, which is often so challenging. A few of us were struggling with some stuff internally and I know the weekend really helped us work through some of it. I couldn’t recommend retreating with Jess enough!
— Emmanuelle, Lake District Retreat
I was fortunate enough to go on Jess’s yoga retreat to the Lake District. I found Jess to be a truly talented yoga teacher. Her explanations were clear, she supported and encouraged everyone through the practice. Not only is Jess a beautiful, gentle soul, but she is also very modest. I still think about the trip the whole time. I loved every minute of it. Amazing food, amazing views, and the best yoga.
— Amy, Lake District Retreat