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'Yoga is a way to freedom. By Its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness' - Indra Devi



I started yoga due to an injury in my shoulder, but I have continued to practice for many reasons. It took a while for the practice to feel good physically, but I persevered and my body slowly started changing. When I started doing self-practice daily, I also began meditating. The first ten days of meditation were really eye-opening for me. it is, without question, the first time I truly gave my mind some space and it felt amazing. This self-investment, alongside learning from a wonderful teacher, saw my practice start to grow. 

I first began practicing Ashtanga, but soon found that Vinyasa worked best for my body and mind (at that time). When I was working full time it ticked all the boxes; a fun, sweaty, dynamic and creative flow that would take you on a journey, and finish with a well-deserved Savasana. I love to move the body creatively and freely!

Through my teaching I want to connect to people and help people connect to themselves. My intention is to help students find some space, re-charge and train the mind to let go of anything that isn’t serving them right. When you come to the mat nothing else matters, and when we can bring a little bit of the space and positivity, that we cultivate in our practice into the everyday, it is truly magical!

I continue to develop my practice and am always seeking new opportunities to learn and challenge myself in new ways; from Acroyoga, Yin Yoga and modern breath practices. There are so many fantastic teachers in London and so much on offer. I am continuously inspired by teachers in the UK and international teachers who host workshops here. I love to explore new methodologies, techniques and bring inspiration to my classes; to broaden my practice, and the practice of my students.



200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa (Yoga London)

40 Hour Acroyoga Elemental Immersion (Erica Montes & Pascal Weis)

40 Hour Yoga Alliance Stead Of The Teacher (Suzanne Faith)

30 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Yin (Norman Blair)

60 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Yin (Norman Blair)